About Us

“From the day we started this company more than 50 years ago, one thing has been constant,” Tommy McGahey, CEO of High Cotton says. “Our customers succeed because of our attention to detail.”

High Cotton has changed over the years, of course. “We began as a traditional direct mail house, helping clients fulfill bulk mail at the absolute lowest cost,” McGahey says. “But we’ve evolved. Today, we are a data driven company, helping companies primarily in the banking and healthcare industries with payment technology and customer communications.” Each of these industries is marked by incredible complexity with literally millions of details to get right.

“Speed, security, competitive pricing — these are all aspects of our business that our clients count on,” McGahey says. “But in the end, it’s our focus on the details that determines our clients’ success.”

So what does it mean to be in ‘high cotton’?

High Cotton. It’s an old term here in the South that means success. In the days when agriculture dominated the South, a farmer with a bumper crop was said to be in “high cotton.”

When we adopted that name for our business, we intended that it would also be our promise to our customers. For more than 50 years, we’ve delivered on that promise too. We began as a straight mailing company helping other businesses process bulk mail for the lowest possible cost. By adding technology to our traditional mail services, we have found ways to expedite the processes, saving you both time and money, while increasing your communication with your customers. Along the way, we’ve added other services directly related to our core business: accounts receivable management, utilities, medical billing, banking and financial services, and insurance.

Our business processes and environment are PCI and SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type II certified, ensuring that your communications are delivered with the latest technologies while state-of-the-art security protects your data.