Statement Design

Your bank statement is your opportunity to engage with your customer. DDA and Trust statements should be cross functional and support flexible change, taking advantage of new technology. Poorly designed statements do not reflect your bank’s brand or provide any opportunity to include a targeted message cross-selling and up-selling your bank’s products and services.

Now, compare this to an enhanced bank statement like this one:

Click here to see our trust statement redesign.

  • Smart Statement
    • Smart

      SmartStatements is a state of the art system that enables turn key online administration of customer statement production, on-statement messaging and even placement of cross selling focused marketing messages.

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  • Multi-channel delivery

    Multi-Channel Delivery

    In today’s digital world, bank customers expect to be able to receive their monthly statements in a variety of different formats. This means that community banks must be capable of delivering statements across a wide variety of channels, both print and electronic.
  • Cross-sell

    Most businesses realize that it’s much easier to sell more products and services to customers you already have than it is to sell to new customers who don’t know you yet. That’s why effective cross-selling should be part of any good marketing campaign.

    • Maintain Data Security

      The security of customers’ personal and financial data is of the highest concern to banks, especially in light of all the recent high-profile data security breaches. Your bank must have 100 percent confidence in the security protocols of any vendor you share your customers’ sensitive financial and banking information with.

  • The Financial Services Team

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    Jeffrey Reeves
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    Kelvan Musgrave
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    Jeremy Wood
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    Sarah Johnson
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    • Alternate

    • Printing and mailing customer account statements and notices represents a big expense for community banks. Many actively encourage customers to “go green” by signing up for electronic delivery of their monthly account statements.

      However, there are other mailings and notices banks have to send out periodically that must be printed and mailed. High Cotton can help your bank save money in postage costs on these notices by using alternate formats that reduce postage costs by a third.

      The most common alternate format is the secure double-sided postcard. “This is a different way to mail customer notices that utilizes significant postage discounts,” says Jeffrey Reeves, Senior Account Executive for High Cotton. “By redesigning the document, we’ve made it possible to mail these notices at the postcard rate instead of the letter rate.”