Healthcare Statement Design

Statement design and patient experience go hand in hand. Our experienced design team will help you create personalized hospital statements, HIPAA compliant invoices and customizable healthcare statements that meet all the requirements for Patient Friendly Billing. Whether by mail or electronic delivery, you’ll turn billing statements quicker and accelerate patient collections.

Web Based Reporting and Tracking

Revenue cycle analytics requires good data. High Cotton clients enjoy a robust web-based reporting module. This allows monitoring of patient payments and, in turn, healthcare accounts receivable aging and healthcare revenue cycle performance. An add-on mail-tracking module allows tracking from the time statements are delivered to the local post office to the time they are delivered to patients.

The High Cotton PVS System

To ensure fully HIPAA compliant statements, High Cotton employs a high-tech Physical Viewing System (PVS). Document-specific data is barcoded onto each piece of a mailing. Multiple high-speed cameras then count, scan and audit the mail pieces as they are folded and inserted. The PVS system immediately stops the insertion process if a mismatch occurs, ensuring complete document integrity.

Document Management

A pdf image of each document is archived in a secure, online document center for clients to access as needed. Images of both physically mailed statements as well as electronic bill presentments are easily retrievable and available for viewing when addressing patient billing inquiries.

Healthcare Statement Production

High Cotton provides an end-to-end solution for healthcare customer communications. Healthcare billing services include healthcare statement design, full color statement production for healthcare providers and top-of-the-line print mail systems that ensure guaranteed statement delivery. High-speed, roll-to-roll printers and a state-of-the-art system of optical scanners help get your bills in the mail faster — and ensure that the details are right. Of course, everything we do is HIPPA compliant.

Electronic Bill Presentment

High Cotton offers an array of e-payment options, including electronic bill presentment as well as e-mail and text alerts. These link patients to a payment portal where they can make one-time “quick payments” or authorize recurring payments using their bank account, credit card or debit card.

For third-party billing companies, we can also design online payment portals branded for your individual clients. Custom portals allow you to bill for your clients, while creating a seamless experience for each client’s patients.

Address Quality

Undeliverable mail is costly mail. Because bad addresses lead to unpaid bills, High Cotton employs rigorous mail scrubbing processes that include address scoring and address blocking, as well as use of “intelligent mail” barcoding.

Statement delivery

High Cotton offers customer statement delivery services across the three main statement delivery channels: print/mail, email and mobile. We design a custom, enhanced statement and send it out in different formats across these channels, saving banks money. Our electronic statements are easy to read on any type of screen: mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Mobile-friendly web and online payments

High Cotton offers banks a payment service whereby customers can make recurring or one-time loan payments online or using their mobile device. The tool is agnostic so it works with any bank’s payment processor. It even enables customers to make smartphone QR code payments right from their electronic loan statement.

Flexible E-delivery

Banks can save big on printing, postage and mailing costs and help protect the environment by encouraging their customers to “go green” and switch to electronic statements. Customers will receive an email or text message letting them know their statement is ready to view with a link that takes them to a single sign-on (SSO) webpage hosted by High Cotton. The page features a tab customers can click on to securely view their statement electronically in PDF format. Electronic statements are securely stored in an online archive for easy customer access anytime.

Alternate format products

In addition to monthly account and loan statements, banks have to send out other customer mailings and notices. High Cotton offers alternative format products that can help banks cut postage costs, including our secure double-sided postcard. This notice can be mailed at the postcard rate instead of the letter rate, saving banks 14 cents per piece mailed. Self-mailing notices that mail without an envelope and double, triple and open envelope windows are other alternate format products offered by High Cotton.

Personalized marketing: Flexible marketing options

Enhanced statements are a great marketing tool banks can use to cross-sell and upsell products and services. High Cotton’s custom design and data mining capabilities enable banks to create enhanced statements with marketing messages targeted to specific customer demographics. Banks can carve out statement white space for customized onserts promoting checking and savings accounts, mortgages, home equity loans and HELOCs, and other products and services.

Security: Data and Physical

The security of customers’ personal and financial data is of the highest concern to banks. High Cotton has instituted the strictest data security protocols in the industry. Our data security procedures include thorough background checks on all High Cotton employees, restricted access to High Cotton facilities, 24/7 video monitoring of the High Cotton premises, and monitored shred bins. In addition, High Cotton voluntarily submits to annual SSA audits, including SOC1 and SOC2 audits that report on our operational controls and test the effectiveness of our printing, mailing and order fulfillment systems.